Republic Bharat interview PM Modi

Defence Deals as Their ATMs

Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar

Republic Bharat interview PM Modi, Defence Deals as Their ATMs, Prime Minister Modi, since taking charge in 2014, has given handful interviews to news channels but chooses to address the nation via his radio show ‘Mann ki Baat’.

Slamming the Congress, especially over its governments in the past, Modi reportedly said in the interview, “Who wanted to impeach the SC judge? Who brought in Emergency? Before levelling allegations, they should look in the mirror.”

Commenting on dynastic politics, PM Modi said, “It is not my problem, but dynastic politics is a major threat to India’s democracy. A party, which works as a personal company, where no one else can become President, is wrong. It is the responsibility of media houses like you to bring out such dynastic political families.”

Those who have no issue to raise will focus on fear-mongering to divert from problems. Were the founding fathers so weak that they would make something that Modi could destroy? They are insulting those who died for independence.

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