PM Modi Rallies In Assam Gohpur

Narendra Modi blames Congress for Assam Accord delay in Northeast

Narendra Modi Speech

PM Modi Rallies In Assam Gohpur, Narendra Modi blames Congress for Assam Accord delay in Northeast rally election 2019. Prime minister Narendra Modi held the Congress responsible for delaying the implementation of Clause 6 of the Assam Accord.

PM Modi Addresses Rally In Assam’s Gohpur, Assam and the rest of the northeast are suffering from infiltration problems due to policies of previous Congress governments. Congress always cheated people. But your ‘Chowkidar’ will fight against infiltration, terrorism and corruption.

“The Congress has run such governments that gave a great country like India an identity of a weak nation,” said Modi at a public rally in Assam’s Moran. This was his second rally of the day in the Northeast and first of the two rallies in Assam.

You are happy. India is happy. But people are two place are disturbed. One, the Congress family. And two, terrorist havens. When you vote for the BJP on April 11, there will be silence in these very places.

They hate chowkidar. They have a problem with chaiwallas too. I used to think it’s only one chaiwalla on their target. But when I visited all corners of the country, I realised be it West Bengal or Assam, they don’t even like to look at someone associated with tea.

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