Goa Lok Sabha

Goa Lok Sabha

Goa Lok Sabha, Goa General Election, Member of Legislative Assembly, people chosen by direct election on the basis of the adult suffrage. Eligible voters must be Indian citizens, 18 or older, an ordinary resident of the polling area of the constituency and possess a valid voter identification card issued by the Election Commission of India. Some people convicted of electoral or other offences are barred from voting.

Goa parliamentary constituency of all the years from the starting until now . It also shows the number of votes secured by each Member of Legislative Assembly and the name of the political party they belong to. It’s important seats of Indian General Election, all seats result is one day.

Members of the Lok Sabha are directly elected by the people of India, on the basis of Universal Suffrage. For the purpose of holding direct elections to Lok Sabha; each state is divided into territorial constituencies. There are 2 parliamentary constituencies in Goa.

Goa Lok Sabha Seat List

Goa (2)
Constituency No. Constituency Reserved for (SC/ST/None)
1 North Goa None
2 South Goa None